Kids Empowerment Groups 

Thursdays, 6:00-7:00 pm

Children will build their inner strengths through imaginative, interactive play. Group themes include: Superheroes, Ninjas, Kids Yoga, Creative Movement for Wild Children, and much more!

Groups focus on:

  • Increasing self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Improving social skills and conflict resolution
  • Identifying and making positive choices
  • Practicing self-care and empathy

Safety and Prevention

Kids Sexual Abuse Prevention Program 

Children will learn sexual abuse prevention techniques using prevention coloring books, role plays, interactive games, and experiential art therapy.

Group focus:

  • Identifying unsafe touches and unsafe people
  • Knowing what to do:  No - Go – Tell
  • Setting safe boundaries
  • Practicing assertiveness skills

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Kids Bullying Prevention Program

Children will learn about the dynamics of bullying, how to safely respond to the bullying behaviors of others, and how to recognize and change any bullying behaviors they may have.

Group focus:

  • Identifying the various forms of bullying
  • Recognizing the roles of the:  bully – victim – bystander
  • Learning the differences between: passive – assertive – aggressive
  • Knowing what to do if it happens to you

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Education and Activism


Parenting and Caregivers Groups/Educational Workshops

Various parenting support groups, and free educational workshops are available for parents and caregivers. Check our schedule for specifics. 


Clinical Treatment

Individual, Family, and Group Psychotherapy available- Please visit Positive Solutions Counseling Center's website to learn more and make an appointment.

The STRONG Program offers quality clinical treatment for individuals and families struggling with life challenges, including trauma and abuse. We also offer Sexual Abuse Treatment Groups, and Sexually Reactive Children’s Treatment Group. 

Kids Sexually Reactive Children’s Program

When children are sexually abused, they are too young to process what has happened to them. Many children sexually act out as a way of coping with their trauma. They may reenact their trauma, with another child or pet, as a way of trying to cope with their emotions. Child on child sexual abuse is very common, and, unless effectively treated, can grow into a much larger problem.

Group focus:

  •  Identifying safe and unsafe touches
  •  Recognizing the impact of unsafe touches
  •  Setting and respecting healthy boundaries
  •  Building empathy skills

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